April 19 - Testing Testing ...

Whelp.  This is me simmering over a cup of coffee at a nearby establishment that charges waaaay toooo much for coffee.  You can guess what that establishment may be.

Today was test day.  After email with both my instructors (one left mid-term and was replaced), I was advised that the test was NOT open book.

Turns out they were both wrong.

Oh well.  Here's hoping that I at least pass - I don't really want to write it again.

April 18 - A Screenshot

The first time I did this photo a day thing, I was pretty strict about taking pictures.  This time, not so much.  Generally because I didn't take any.
So have a screenshot.  This is the weather for tomorrow.  Just fine for an April day, yes?  Except the weather turns crappy every single time I have a test to write.

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?  That's right!  I'm taking Lukah to preschool (well, dropping him off at Grandma and Grandpas), then going to write a test.  So I get to drive into downtown in garbage weather like this.

Blargh.  Screw you Alberta weather.

April 17 - Cake.

Yes.  Cake.  Everyone loves cake.  Especially when no one was expecting cake!

Today's cake has been brought to you by the letter A (as in, Applesauce Cake), and my awesome wife Holly.  The cake is another test for our upcoming hosting of coffee time after Sunday service.

I would share the recipe, but then I imagine Holly would have to kill me.  And I don't want to go yet!

April 16 - Geocaching

New adventures are to be had!  I set Riley up with my old Garmin Etrex GPS (which I bought off ebay a long, long time ago) and introduced him to Geocaching.
If you don't know, it's like a scavenger hunt, where stuff is hidden "in plain sight".  After checking with a map, it turns out that one had been hidden right along our route to school!  This afternoon, we found it and logged our fist ever cache.
If nothing else, it's teaching Riley how to read a compass!

April 15 - Not Quite Pothole Justice

This isn't quite Trial by Pothole, but it's still pretty brutal for me as a still-wobbly-legged cyclist. 
The bottom of this nice icy / slushy / snowy pitch is a snowbank, at which I need to turn right, without bailing out, to navigate through the passage.  After that, a very large puddle (not sure about the status of the road underneath).
Anyhow.  I walk this part of my ride.  I'm not quite balanced enough yet.

April 13 - Donuts

This is how my lovely wife, Holly, eats her donuts.  Instead of taking one she really wants, she picks a bunch that she isn't sure about, then samples each of them until she finds once she does like.
This is what is left over when we're done!