May 2 - Oh, I've missed you.

Another missed post yesterady.  Ah well.  Once again, I don't think I even took a picture that I could post if I wanted to.  So, yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Today, however, I had a few choices - this one won out.  The sun was..  sort of shining, the weather was about 20 celcius, and I've strangely kinda missed using this stuff on my ride home from work.  Yes, I think sunscreen season is upon us!

April 30 - Little Boys Feeling Much Better

..  As seen from the Family room into the LIving room at my parents place.. Here's Lukah, playing with the curtains, chair, and window, clearly feeling much better after a doozy of a cold and cough.

Some good news today..  after the issue with the test the other day, my final exam mark went through to the right places, and I finish the course with an A+!  I am pretty happy with that, so no need to escalate after that whole "It's not open book" / it IS open book garbage from a week or two back.

April 29 - Edmonton Weather

Man, sometimes I don't really know why I put up with the weather here.  Nevermind the whole thing about the boys being in school here, and my job being highly local...  the snow today was just another kick in the junk that I really could have done without.

April 26 - Sad Car.

This isn't a slight at Holly, who already feels pretty bad about what happened, but every time I get out of the car, this freaks me out - WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CA..  oh, right.

Tis the season for potholes, the missing hubcap is ~7 years old and are held on by little plastic clips - which weather SO WELL in the chilly Edmonton winters.

So yes, pothole justice is indeed swift.

April 24 - $0.99 of Exitement

One of today's purchases from Canadian Tire (well, the only one from Canadian Tire - there was another stop).  $0.99 for some inflation needle  You know, the little things that you need to blow up soccer balls, footballs, etc?  Yeah, I knew I had one, but darn if I could find it.

So I bought two more packs, for a sum total of 6.  now I need to figure out where to put them so that I'll remember where they are when I need them.

That worked out so well last time, right?  Oh, right, if it did, I wouldn't be in this positon.

April 21 - Shenanigans

At 6 AM, I awoke to some noise in Lukah's room..  and went in to see him making a tent with his bed sheets and the dresser.  So, after advising him to be quiet, I went back to bed.  At 8 when we got up again, here's what I find.

Talk about trouble.

April 20 - Car Show Day

I couldn't help but do the Selfie.  I think the only thing that I'm missing here is the duck lips.  And I don't do duck lips.

Anyhow, today was our annual trek to the car show, down to Northlands.  The usual shenanigans were had - watching the staffers chase the kids, cleaning their fingerprints and so on.

This year, Lukah and Holly came along for the trip, which was a first.  I think we stayed a bit long, but otherwise it was a nice day to spend out of the cold, wind and snow.