May 10 - Mom's Night Celebration

This is us, leaving dinner after going to Lukah's preschool for the Mother's Day Celebration.  Lukah and Holly went for the fun, and Riley and I hit up a few geocaches on our bikes (Riley's bike fits in the trunk, lucky bugger).

Burrito for dinner.  Damn, I love burritos.  I wish I would have had a real one while we were in Mexico.  Heck, I'm not even sure that I had one while in the resort in November.

May 9 - I Don't Know

Ice cream after soccer practice.  Good times.  Riley is much more..  uhh..  controlled in his ice cream eating than Lukah is.  I'm pretty sure Lukah subsribes to the School of Dog, and inserts his face into the food he's eating and just wiggles (his face) around until it lands in his mouth.

It's actually quite funny to watch.

Anyhow.  Soccer practice.  Had 9 of the 12 kids we're supposed to, but some different one from Tuesday.  I think there's one kid who I haven't met yet, but we were on the same team over the winter period, so that's all good.

May 8 - Windy

Taken by Holly today, a clear illustration of the wind.

The ride to work was pretty brutal (well over an hour), but the ride home was nice and quick!

May 5 - Ugh.

So this tale starts out sometime last night, when Holly says to me

"You know, everyone else sump pump is running.  You should check ours". 

Sounds like a good idea.  Much later that night, I pop downstairs, kinda plug/unplug the plugs thinking that I would fake the pump into running.  It doesn't work, so I don't think much of it, and off to bed I go. 

Today after church, I decide to take the lid off the sump, and HOLEY SHIT THERE'S 4" UNTIL I'M IN OH-FCK LAND.  Happy Sunday!  No yard work for you.  TIme for a new sump!

May 4 - Moar Geocaching

Took the boys (and Mommy!) out for a bike ride to the Oxford area (a community just north of our community).  Bike riding was had, caches wer found, and otherwise a good time was had.

This afternoon we're off to a birthday party at a swimming pool (then cake, of course) so looking forward to a nice quiet evening with some very sleeping children.

May 3 - Stupid Fat Cat

I'll let Holly talk about her snazzy new bike on her own..  she's pretty stoked.  And for good reason!

This was what I was greeted with in the morning.  A fat cat, melting down the front of the couch. 

When I come back, I want to be him.