May 22 - If your computer does this ...

If your computer does this as it starts up, it might be time to replace the hard drive.  This particular unit was slated for destruction anyways, but we go through a wiping process before we turf them "just in case".  This is what I saw after bootup - and if you look really close, it tells you to replace the drive.  Really?  Ya don't say...

May 21 - Natural AC on the Drive Home

It was Tuesday, so it was Preschool Day.  Lukah's in the back seat, hand out the window for nearly every opportunity that I would let him have the window rolled down.  Sadly, this is the best shot I could get (had to wait until we weren't moving, obviously).

Pictures a bit sporatic over the past few days due to a somewhat busy but mundane past few days.  I'm sure there will be plenty of stuff in the coming weeks and months, but for now..  it feels like a lot of the same old stuff.

May 17 - Coming Rain

The plan for today started as follows:  I would ride to work, Holly and both boys would head out to Sherwood Park.  Holly and Lukah would head out for the farm field trip, and Riley would spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa - something that he doesn't get to do too often, at least by himself.

Grandpa asked that we ship out his GPS so they could go Geocaching ..  but that got left at home.  Oops, oh well - thankfully Grandma and Grandpa have more than a few devices at their disposal, so all was not lost.

May 15 - The Look of an unliked dinner

We're going though a phase where it's more fun to play with dinner, instead of eat it.  This is especially frustrating on soccer days, when we're stuck with the idea of sending Riley to soccer on an empty stomach.

Hopefully I'll be back on top of posting pictures soonish - just been pretty busy with all the usual mundane stuff, so there's not much to say.