June 6 - Reply to All Failure

I did that thing that you're really not supposed to do - Reply to All on an email that went to the entire company.  So, since we're on Exchange, I thought I'd try to recall the message.

What I got instead was the content of the screenshot here - spam.  Lots and lots of notifications about successes or failures.


June 4 - Geocache

This one was a bit wet, so we didn't sign it... but it was our 20th, and Lukah seemed pretty happy about it.

Started running tonight, per some old schedule I had for a Half Marathon in time for Melissa's.  Legs hurt.  Gonna be a tough training session, possibly.

May 30 - Coach Riley

Here's Riley after tonight's soccer game - he's got his checklist of who's played what shift, and who's on next.  This is mimicing how I do thing - I've got a list of players, their number, what line their on.  I then look at that list to see who hasn't played the longest, and pick those for my next line.

Mind you, if I had a full team every time..  it would be a lot easier to get lines setup!

I think I need an app for this...

May 29 - Cookies!

Nothing really quiet ties off the day like a batch of freshly baked cookies.  They're warm, gooey, and generally really, really tasty.

Having said that, it's been a really busy week.  I've been doing the 10-hour day thing at work, as my counterpart is away until on Tuesday.  I've been trying to get some schoolwork studied (exam is coming shortly) and assignments done (another class starting right away), and so on.

May 27 - And I ain't even mad!

I deleted 7 TB of data from one of our servers the other day.  In fairness, we backed it up, twice, and have several copies on archives..  but it was long overdue to be nuked.  What you see is the disk space usage graph, and the drop-off as the files were deleted.  Good times.