June 28 - Remote Garden

West of Mayerthorpe, our good friends have some property, which we promptly filled with onions and potato planys this spring.  We haven't had a chance to check on them until now, and how they've grown!

June 26 - New phone

But, not for me.  I get to test out the S4 so that we know the management software plays nice (which it should), and then I'll hand this off to the end user. 

However, while the user waits, nothing quite like a few selfies to tease that it's in the building, just not at its destination yet :P

June 25 - Rain means puddles!

We have just had a bunch more rain today..  kinda feels like it's not going to end anytime soon..  but that roughly translates to puddles.  Two boys, kitted out for wet weather, went out to play...  and this is what one of them looked like on the way back in.

I'd love to be 4 again...