Edmonton Ice Castle

We finally got a chance to go down and see it. G&G called us early in the day, trying to figure out what to do on a Friday with the cousins.. we inherently opted out of skiing, as we don’t all have equipment.. so a trip to the ice castle was in order later that day.

Definitely nice enough, but we thought it was small for the price of admission. Never having been though, it still good to go.

Though.. holey. The people. People in runners and sweat pants. People in leggings and a vest, with their arms tucked in because they’re cold. People in expensive jackets, but totally inappropriate clothing otherwise. It’s no wonder people have such a hate-on for winter, if this is how they’re prepared for spending time outdoors….

Anyhow. We were all in snow boots, snow pants, decent jackets, toque (in some cases, 2.. I had a skullcap plus one that H knitted) and mitts/gloves. We were all warm. We got to take our time.

People are strange.