May 29 - Day two of ball

2nd day of the ball tournament.  We had a rough start to the game - we were delayed by an hour because the diamond was soaking wet..  but we're looking pretty ready as we got to playing.

In the end, we didn't take the tournament, but we did have a good time, learned a lot, and witnessed a really great argument between the umpire and the great-grandfather of a player.  Good times!

May 20 - Long Weekend!

The May long weekend is the "starting line" for most for camping and outdoor stuff for us..  and it's been so nice and warm for a while..  we should go camping!  So of course, it has to cool off and get rainy.  Ah well.  They lifted the fire ban for the weekend..  and a bad day camping is better than a good day at the office!

May 13 - Discipline??

Lukah has taken to doing this thing where he puts one hand to his temple, rests his head in his hand, and shakes his head whenever he's upset about something (like having to have a bath, or brushing teeth).  Here's Holly pretending to scold him for something, but it's so hard to take him seriously when he's doing this.

The life of a 7 year old.  So hard.

May 4 - Soccer :/

The problem with sports at this time of the year..  is that it can be reall chilly.  This is fine for the kids who are running around..  the spectators, on the other hand, are sitting idle getting cold.