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Photo Journal 11 of 52

Sat, 2016-03-19 20:06

Started the week of helping Gramma and Grandpa at the new place.  Lukah was put in charge of pulling some nails out of the walls in the basement.  


Home offices are getting smaller.  Smallest one I’ve seen so far.  


Went on a field trip this week with Lukie’s class.  Muttart is so beautiful but first thing in the morning, so cold!


Pretending to be a bee!


Sweet boy in with the flowers.  


Tim got some weird thing to play with…  I’m not even sure what to make of this.  


St. Patrick’s day happened.  A tricky leprechaun visits us every year.  We love it.  


Went in to use my warranty and get new lenses.  Wearing glasses everyday gets them pretty scratched up.  These two wanted to try some on.  So cute!

Have a great week everybody!  


Photo Journal 9 & 10 of 52

Sat, 2016-03-12 20:27

Started the week off right with one of my favourites.  Burritos!  I had Carnitas with a ton of veggies and black beans.  Yes, I know guacamole is extra.  


We went geocaching with Daddy.  It was super windy which made it cold but we did it!  


I made these amazing carrot apple muffins from Minimalist Baker.  So good, the kids loved them.  We didn’t make them gluten free.  We like gluten.  


Pretty feather I found on a walk.


I decided that I would make the boys macaroni and cheese for lunch one morning and in my barely out of bed haven’t had coffee yet style, spilled about half the box all over the kitchen.  I think I’ve finally got them all.  


My father in law has completely mastered the selfie.  My sweet baby had a birthday, I told him he has to stay two from now on.  No more growing up.  


So many puddles this past week.  Puddles are one of our favourites.  

Went to hockey game to kick off the weekend.  Haven’t been in a while, it was good.

Happy spring forward!  Hope tomorrow isn’t too hard for all of you with one less hour of sleep.