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Photo Journal 11 of 52

Sat, 2016-03-19 20:06

Started the week of helping Gramma and Grandpa at the new place.  Lukah was put in charge of pulling some nails out of the walls in the basement.  


Home offices are getting smaller.  Smallest one I’ve seen so far.  


Went on a field trip this week with Lukie’s class.  Muttart is so beautiful but first thing in the morning, so cold!


Pretending to be a bee!


Sweet boy in with the flowers.  


Tim got some weird thing to play with…  I’m not even sure what to make of this.  


St. Patrick’s day happened.  A tricky leprechaun visits us every year.  We love it.  


Went in to use my warranty and get new lenses.  Wearing glasses everyday gets them pretty scratched up.  These two wanted to try some on.  So cute!

Have a great week everybody!  


Photo Journal 9 & 10 of 52

Sat, 2016-03-12 20:27

Started the week off right with one of my favourites.  Burritos!  I had Carnitas with a ton of veggies and black beans.  Yes, I know guacamole is extra.  


We went geocaching with Daddy.  It was super windy which made it cold but we did it!  


I made these amazing carrot apple muffins from Minimalist Baker.  So good, the kids loved them.  We didn’t make them gluten free.  We like gluten.  


Pretty feather I found on a walk.


I decided that I would make the boys macaroni and cheese for lunch one morning and in my barely out of bed haven’t had coffee yet style, spilled about half the box all over the kitchen.  I think I’ve finally got them all.  


My father in law has completely mastered the selfie.  My sweet baby had a birthday, I told him he has to stay two from now on.  No more growing up.  


So many puddles this past week.  Puddles are one of our favourites.  

Went to hockey game to kick off the weekend.  Haven’t been in a while, it was good.

Happy spring forward!  Hope tomorrow isn’t too hard for all of you with one less hour of sleep.  


Photo Journal 7/8 of 52 - Skiing!

Sat, 2016-02-27 11:24

On our way to Jasper for ski weekend!  We drove through all 4 seasons in about 4 hours.  It was crazy!


Lunch time!  Family in the background.  


Never gets old.


More eating.  This time there was chocolate bars and hot chocolate consumed while Riley and Daddy went to get the car together.  




We really did do some skiing and boarding!  Not just eat.


Look at that pizza!  I am sensing a food theme here.


Hard day shredding means you fall asleep at the dinner table.  


Going home.  Unfortunately, our ski weekend adventure took a bad turn here and there was several pit stops to dispose of barf bags.  Can’t win them all.  The boys and us had a great weekend and they both want to go back so the trip home couldn’t have been too traumatizing!  I caught what the boys had on our ski trip so no pictures this past week.  I will definitely be trying to take more/any this coming week!  


Photo Journal 5&6 of 52

Sat, 2016-02-13 21:51

Two weeks in one!  Just didn’t take enough pictures in week 5 so I saved them for now.  


His happy place.  Day off school, lunch, a running furnace vent, and as many art supplies as he can find.  


Sometimes manhattans and cookie baking go hand in hand.  


Favourite dinner was made this past week(s).


These socks make me unreasonably happy.  


Looks at that sky!  Those clouds and the colour.  Would have been better but was taken through a screen.  


The beginning of veggie wraps for the boys.


Showed up a couple minutes early for our field trip.  This was before he saw me.  My heart, it hurts.  


Pizza is needed after a hard game of paintball with friends.  


It’s valentine’s weekend!  Spread the love!  


Photo Journal 4 of 52

Sat, 2016-01-30 19:44

Went out for dinner to celebrate our 11 years together.  We went to Nineteen in St. Albert.  Food was wonderful, service was great, wine was delicious, table was OK.  




Made this delicious one pot pasta.  Amazing and so simple!


Beet chips are beautiful.  The after effects can be terrifying.  


Puddles galore this week.  I need some rainboots stat!  I fit Riley’s but that is not a long term solution.  Was thinking this pair or this pair.  Thoughts?  Also, so in love with these.  They will be mine very shortly I think!


I made meatballs for Italian wedding soup.


Post is late because this is FINALLY happening!!!

Have a wonderful first week of February.  

Photo Journal 3 of 52

Sat, 2016-01-23 16:04

Started the week off right by going for Pho.  My favourite dinner when it is super cold like it was this past weekend (feels like -35c!).


I saved these from going to the garbage.  I don’t have a record player.  Details.  


I made muffins.  So good.


I’ve been quite enjoying doing this lately.  It’s fun to do with the boys.  I’m not sure it’s relaxing but they love doing it with me so we’ll keep doing it.  


Butter tarts.  Oh yes.  


My shadow on the way to do school pick up.

Went to Ikea this week.  These followed me home, they always do.  


11 years.  To celebrate we bought new silverware.  Although it’s stainless steel.  


Volunteered at school this week.  It’s fun and I love all the little faces.  

See ya next week!


2 of 52

Sat, 2016-01-16 14:37

Sunday night the Grandparents came over for dinner and board games.  Trying to have more family dinners.


I made baked beans this week.  Used this recipe.  It’s a winner.


Have been eating far too many of these this week.  I think my lunch time smoothies are encouraging me to need more salt.  


Reading this book, it’s fantastic so far.  I read a lot of YA so that Riley and I can talk about them but everyone once and awhile you need something adult, and dark.  


I love it when the frost hangs on the trees.  Winter is so quiet and when it’s like this, beautiful as well.  


Thursday we walked home in a snowglobe.  I loved it.  


I’ve been trying to enjoy the winter time and have a more positive attitude about the short daytime.  It think it’s helping.  These candles are helping it to be more cozy.  


We aren’t sure, but we think she may be getting ready to leave us.  I don’t think we are ready.  

These socks, on repeat.  I wash them and put them back on.  Best socks ever.